Saving and Strategy

Understanding needs and working on a growth plan tailored for each individual case.

Connect and Partner

Building the connections that support the next stage Because if You want to go Fast, Go Alone. If you want to Go Far, Go Together.

Monitor and Growth

Helping manage changes in product and services for client's financial gain.

At FinAus, we‘re ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Experience has taught us how to build strong professional relationships that are critical to your growth and success.

How we achieve this is by perceiving and understanding your needs, along with the areas where interest combines. Consequently, you will benefit through us creating the recipe for success that is right for you.

Why choose FinAus as your mortgage broker?

$0 for You, No Cost and No Obligation Service

You will never pay a single Dollar $ for our services. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have and provide you with helpful and informative responses. Therefore, there is no need for you to pay any money for our services. However, please keep in mind that if you choose to use any external services or make decision based on the information provided, there may be associated costs or expenses that are not related to our services.

Over 50 lenders to Negotiate

We deal with almost all major banks as well along with building societies, credit unions and specialised lenders. Because of the relationships we have with our panel of lenders, we’re able to negotiate a sharp interest rate based on the strength of your application.


With almost two decades of credit lending experience and we are committed to helping customers who have unusual circumstances. It is often the case that traditional banks have strict lending criteria that may not be suitable for everyone, and it is reassuring to know that there are alternative lending options available for those who have been knocked back in the past. It is important to ensure that the terms and conditions of any loan agreement are fair and reasonable, and that the borrower fully understands the implications of taking on additional debt.

Tailored Solutions based on your Needs

Taking a holistic approach to assessing a borrower's financial situation and long-term goals is an important and responsible approach to home lending. It recognizes that obtaining a home loan is not just about a borrower's current financial situation, but also about their future goals and aspirations. A holistic approach can involve looking at a borrower's overall financial picture, including their income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. It may also involve assessing their credit history, employment stability, and other factors that could impact their ability to repay the loan over the long-term.

Local Family Owned and Operates

We will provide you with down-to-earth home loan advice and as a credit licence representative we’re required by Australian law to give you a loan that’s suitable for you needs. We are not Bank but small business based in local community with human face and values. Nothing to think about shareholders.

$0 LMI 100% financial option

It is not uncommon for certain professionals, such as doctors or lawyers, to be eligible for 100% finance when obtaining a home loan. This is often because these professionals have a high earning potential and are seen as lower risk borrowers due to their high level of job security. For other borrowers, it may be possible to obtain a home loan with a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of 90-95% without having to pay lenders mortgage insurance (LMI). LMI is typically required when a borrower has an LTV ratio of over 80% and is designed to protect the lender if the borrower defaults on their loan.

By Law, Work in Your Best Interest

The Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) upholds professional standards in the mortgage broking industry while our membership with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) protects you as a consumer.

Partner for Today, Tomorrow and Future

We can help you qualify for a home loan to buy any kind of property anywhere in Australia. We provide residential, commercial and asset finance solution to individual and businesses so you don’t have to look around for any of family and business lending need.

Free upfront valuations and credit reports

Access to this information before lodgement give you a pretty good indication of how much the bank will allow you to borrow and how to overcome the barriers to home loan approval.
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Mortgage Solutions


100% financing, no LMI & special interest rate discounts


90% financing with no LMI & special interest rate discounts


90% financing with no LMI & special interest rate discounts

Other Professionals

Find out if you qualify for no LMI

About us

Pankaj Angrish – Director | Lending Specialist

It is reassuring to know that at FinAus, borrowers have direct access to the Director Pankaj Angrish and his experienced team. With over 15 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, including senior positions at Commonwealth Bank, Pankaj brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Having worked in various locations throughout Sydney, including Martin Place, Parramatta, Castle Hill, and Penrith, Pankaj has developed a detailed understanding of the local market. This local knowledge can be invaluable when it comes to securing a home loan that is tailored to a borrower’s individual circumstances and long-term goals.

Panel of Experts

Methods and structure rely upon a team of experts.

Client-centric & Service Driven

Focused on client requirements and financial growth.


Researching the market and understanding trends to help achieve client goals.


Having direct access to Pankaj and his team can also provide borrowers with the peace of mind of knowing that they are working with experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing personalized service and support. This can help make the home lending process less daunting and more manageable for borrowers, particularly those who may be new to the process or have unique financial circumstances.

Overall, the expertise and accessibility of Pankaj and his team at FinAus can be a valuable asset for borrowers who are looking for a home loan that is tailored to their needs and goals.

Pankaj’s experience as a Senior Relationship Manager in CBA Premier Banking, where he managed clients of high net worth, is an asset that sets him apart as a leading mortgage broker in Australia. His experience working with specialists from Commsec, CommInsure, Private Banking and Corporate Banking has given him a deep understanding of how financial success can be achieved by working as a team.

Pankaj’s passion for property and his extensive experience in the industry have enabled him to assist hundreds of clients in fulfilling their dreams of purchasing their first home, upgrading their home, building their property investment portfolios, and maximising their wealth. His track record of success, including being recognised as a Diamond Lender by CBA five times and as an Elite Broker three times in a row, is a testament to his commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to his clients. 


Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Finance (University of Southern Queensland)
Master’s in business administration (Marketing and Economics)
Diploma in Mortgage Broking
Diploma in Financial Planning
Consulting Experience

FinAus hold one of the largest panels of lenders under our licence. Inevitably, working with the maximum number of qualified lenders means that we get access to a lot of niche lenders. So this helps us to cover all possible lending scenarios. Additionally, our solid lender relationships allow us to:

  • Negotiate the best discounts on your behalf,
  • Look at the all best possible options for you, and
  • Optimise our client strategies.